It Burns Joe Fitness - Welcome

Extreme / Cardio / Core/ Sculpt / Strength

The ultimate full body workout, and it's all FREE. This workout is for all levels! Come challenge yourself and change your life. You can go at your own pace and be cheered on by our uplifting group of fitness friends.
We do a combination of intense cardio, stair and bleacher running, ab and core strengthening, plyometrics, military exercises and yoga.

Please don't be late to the weekend workouts as it takes away time from others that are on time.
On Wednesday night I understand that some of you may be late and that's cool, however on the weekends, set your alarm clocks 20 minutes earlier and be on time

Please donate to the resistance band fund as we have been breaking a lot of bands.
Instead of using the donate button on the website just go to and make your donation to
The bands are such a huge part of our workout and I would hate to see that come to an end.
Even if you have donated in the past think about this, most boot camps are $12.00 to $15.00 for just a single one hour session. In IBJF, you get over 40 hours of extreme fitness per month for FREE.


Winter 9-11am
Summer 8-10am
Changes on daylight savings

What to bring.

EVERYONE please bring these to every workout:

Gloves, Gallon of water, Snack, Sunscreen

Support Joe

If you like what I do, please consider using one of my businesses:

My DJ company Sounds Entertainment for Weddings, corporate events etc.
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Thank you so much!

-Joe Hendricks

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